Aviation Safety News Roundup | December 2021

Aviation Safety News Roundup | December 2021
Claire Ealding
Dec 29, 2021

Check Your NOTAM’s | Almost 7000 Commercial And Business Jet Aircraft Impacted By The FCC’s Profitable 5G Plan

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a blanket order prohibiting aircraft from using navigation systems that require a radio altimeter in areas of potential interference from new 5G cellular networks.
  • The Federal Communications Commissions’ (FCC) decision to open up the 3700-3980 MHz range (known as the C-band) to cellphone companies could cause significant disruptions to 6,834 transport and commuter aircraft equipped with radio altimeters – meaning the entire US commercial fleet, plus many business and general aviation aircraft.
  • The mid-band spectrum is prized. The FCC recently auctioned just 70 MHz in the 3450 - 3550 MHz band for $4.6B, and the C-band range is said to be worth even more.
  • However, that range is too close to the 4200 - 4400 MHz range used by aircraft radio altimeters, the FAA says, and could interfere with critical aircraft systems. Radio altimeters provide information to an array of aircraft systems, including ILS approaches, Windshear surveillance systems, and TCAS.
  • The FAA warned the FCC back in 2018 of the risks, however they have elected to proceed anyway. Canada has approved 5G in the C-band, but with restrictions in the vicinity of certain airports.
  • The FAA will identify areas affected by 5G interference in Notices to Air Missions (NOTAM’s).

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Charter Prices Hike As Owners Want To Capitalize On Record Travel Demand

  • After making it through a record busy November and Thanksgiving, Christmas is projected to be equally as busy. But with increased traffic comes increased charter rates.
  • ARGUS founder and CEO Joe Moeggenberg explains that one reason for the price hikes is that owners want to maximize their profit. “Aircraft owners are running the show at the moment. They’re demanding that management companies pay them substantially more than they were paying before.”
  • A lack of “one-way” rates has also triggered more customers to pursue jet card memberships, says Anthony Tivnan, President of Magellan Jets.
  • Pilot salaries, fuel, and the costs of meeting health protocols and other operational expenses have also climbed, impacting charter prices.
  • Operators see the silver lining to these price increases, believing they will improve infrastructure and wages, leading to overall better service.  

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Flight Safety Foundation Marks 75 Years

  • Next year marks Flight Safety Foundation’s 75th anniversary.
  • President and CEO Dr. Hassan Shahidi says, “For more than seven decades, the Foundation has played a critical role in advancing aviation safety, and our members have made that possible. Individuals and organizations have given generously of their time and expertise to serve on our advisory committees, tackling some of the industry’s most difficult safety issues, and on our Board of Governors, charting the way forward for the Foundation and for aviation safety.”
  • “We are working every day on issues like safely using drones in humanitarian and disaster recovery operations and tackling the persistent risk of runway excursions.”
  • They plan to celebrate this milestone by spending 2022 highlighting the foundation’s history, people, and accomplishments.

Flight Safety Foundation

Just For Fun! | Track Santa’s Flight Routing

  • For the 66th year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be tracking Santa as he makes his journey around the world this Christmas Eve.
  • You can follow his progress on the website or download an app suitable for Apple or Android. Alternatively, families can get updates on Santa's journey by calling 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723).
  • In 1955 when the tradition first started, the phone number was printed incorrectly, and a very confused U.S Air Force Colonel received a large volume of calls that Christmas Eve!


From all of us at AvBrite, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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